Karen shares her vintage collection of decorative accessories

What’s old is new and at Town & Country Leather we take pride in bringing you the latest and greatest vintage inspired replica as well as the real thing in timeless decorative accessories to compliment your new leather furniture OR to reinvigorate an existing room. My Husband and I along with Tom Etz our general manager scour the markets to find one of a kind treasures that you can’t get at any other furniture store in Texas. I simply detest cookie cutter, it has no place in a furniture store, it belongs in a bakery. You’ll be surprised to find just how authentic and original our product line is in each of our Austin and Houston furniture stores. We carry interesting and unique vases, antique troughs, light fixtures, area rugs vases, candle stick holders a just to name a few. Oh….and did I mention art? The coolest place to buy original art at unbelievably affordable prices that really go with out Texas homes is Town & Country Leather. Karen Salem is now considered one of Austin’s most sought after emerging artist bringing you an array of large scale mixed media pieces sure to enliven your living space and awaken the spirit.  We’re not just the best place to buy leather sofas, were a delightful shopping experience for unique handmade items for the home! Thanks for shopping local.


Custom Leather Furniture

Custom Leather Furniture

At Town and Country Leather we are dedicated to quality custom leather furniture products with integrity and innovative design. Buying furniture is a big decision and we at Town and Country Leather keep that in mind when hand selecting our custom leather furniture. When buying furniture, no one should have to worry about if the frame is going to hold up or what kind of springs are used. The questions they should be asking are whether or not its comfortable or something they like, or if it would go well in their home. Town and Country Leather is on a mission to renovate the standards of furniture.

Why Choose Us?

All homes have unique dimensions and individual decorating challenges, which is why we at Town and Country Leather offer such a wide variety of shapes and configurations to choose from. Our custom leather furniture colors and leather grades allow you to choose the product that will fit perfectly with your home’s décor. More importantly, you can finally have that special piece of furniture that is exactly what you wanted.

Banner Sofa

Our Style Idea’s

Here you will find all the latest styles and trends, as well as the timeless classics. We have a great selection of sofas, reclining sofas, leather sofas, love seats, chairs, recliners, chaises, sectionals, and more. We take pleasure in providing a cost-effective alternative for customers to buy quality furniture that really fits their style and pocketbook. Are you looking to order custom leather furniture? We only work with the top furniture brand to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality, most cost effective option: custom pieces to match their unique tastes, or the best prices on quality imported items. At Town and Country Leather we are proud of the furniture we sell.

What sets us apart from other custom leather furniture retailers is that we take pride in each and every single stitch that goes into the furniture we sell. Our leather living room furniture is made the way you want it-in the style, color, and texture that you envision for your home. Since we work as designers and retailers we are committed to your complete satisfaction. The best part is that you’ll find that our custom furniture is reasonably priced-not much more than our competitors’ in-stock inventory.

Karen on KXAN Studio512 Austin – Leather vs Fabric put to the test!

Karen puts it to the ultimate test. Is leather or fabric upholstery better? Not only is leather hypoallergenic but also cleans up to the worst spills and accidents. In this segment Karen has her kids on the show to help her make a mess using spilled ice cream and paint. She also spills a glass of red wine all over both sofas. White leather or dark fabric…..Which upholstery cleans up best? Watch to find out how easy it is!

Karen On KXAN Studio512 – Father’s Day Segment.

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What father wouldn’t love a new leather recliner for Father’s Day…Right? It used to be that recliners were comfortable but not so stylish. This has changed. We have women coming in the store all the time asking for recliners that don’t look like recliners. Well now at Town & Country Leather we have lots of great looking recliners in stock and guarantee delivery by Father’s Day if you say you saw it on studio 512.

The my comfort chairs by Palliser is a wildly popular line that has clean lines and  leaves a very small footprint in the room as they glide, rock swivel and recline with the slightest touch of the hidden buttons on the inside of the arms. Hardly touch the pad and it move silently to whatever position suits the occasion and 50 leathers to choose from.

For our hill country homes meet the Bandera recliner. Hand Finished leather with engraved tolling accents, Look at the work in the gathered arm. Detail like this can only be done by artisans. Down filled cushions, solid wood frames that we guaranteed for life and only the finest American recliner mechanism to define the quality of this heirloom piece.

Great design and a myriad of color choices in this Flexsteel Runway Rocker Recliner. A whole rainbow of colors. Shown here Sea Foam, it come in tomato red, burnt orange, celestial blue, solar yellow just to name a few

And lastly the power lift recliner with the added feature of a reliable power mechanism to lift them out of the chair and take the pressure off backs legs and knees that no longer provide the strength to get up comfortably from the chairs.

Go ahead and take this baby for a test drive. This is a great gift for the dad or grandpa lacking strength to ft up out if a recliner. Lean back….

I gave this to my mother after she had knee surgery and she said it was the best gift anyone ever gave her she absolutely loves it. Her friends all want one and she said she thinks of me every time she sits back and relaxes after a long day. That’s a pretty powerful statement. I bet Dad would feel the same way too.

In Stock Leather Event Going On Now, In stock leather furniture for fast delivery!

One thing consumers need to know that they might not be aware of is that Town & Country Leather has lots of leather furniture in stock and ready for immediate delivery. That’s right, we have a big warehouse full of gorgeous leather sofa’s, leather sectionals, recliners and home media room chairs just waiting to be delivered to a new home for your enjoyment! The next time you’re in a crunch to make the house look well decorated and want to get your furniture delivered fast, think of Town & Country Leather. W have the best selection of leather furniture in Texas in stock. Thanks for shopping local.


Town and Country Leather’s Natuzzi Furniture

Natuzzi is an international company that has been bringing life to treasured furniture pieces for the past 50 years. You can find their furniture featured in homes all across the world. Their mission is to create valued products through the integrity of their craftsmanship using passion and team work to come up with amazing designs that bring you sensational comfort. Natuzzi offers features like “made to measure” adjustable arms to ensure maximum relaxation. Check out our home furniture collection consisting of a lot of gorgeous Natuzzi products such as reclining sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, Weston ottoman, and leather sleeper sofa.


Natuzzi Edition’s Collection

The Natuzzi team engineers and examines each piece of furniture individually to guarantee the utmost comfort. With a core foundation in research and innovation, cutting edge designs, and expert craftsmanship they are reshaping the standard approach to style and comfort in home furniture. The Natuzzi edition piece’s are not only stunning but also extremely comfortable, designed to be durable bringing you luxury relaxation for a lifetime. For example our Natuzzi line of reclining sofa’s contain innovative electrical recliner mechanisms providing a slow and smooth flow moving with the body in the reclining transition making it easier to find the most comfy position. The Edition collection uses creatively developed construction system furniture adjusts designed to bring you excellent weight distribution that will last.

History of Natuzzi

Founded in 1959 by Italian Pasquale Natuzzi who is the present chief executive officer, chairman, and group stylist. He began his career at age nineteen in a coastal city in Italy called Taranto producing armchairs and sofa’s for the local market. In the early 1980’s Pasquale started selling furniture through North American distributors and by 1985 Natuzzi had started a factory based New York built to be better suited for the needs of the American clientele. Pasquale when asked about his recent recliner technology said, “We started with a vision of comfort. Recliner technology hadn’t changed in the last 50 years, so we looked to nature for examples of strength, flexibility, and multi-dimensional movement such as the tail of a lobster, the branch of a tree and the human spine. With that in mind, we designed the recliner to be able to distribute the weight of the body so it can balance in a neutral position.” Natuzzi is currently one of the leading investors in furniture research in the world.

Austin Furniture Stores

Austin Furniture Store

Why choose Town and Country Leather ?

Town and Country Leather will work to help you make the right decision when picking out or designing your furniture. Consider the layout and composition of the household when choosing a leather sofa. For example, if there are animals or young children in the residence, it may be a good idea to go with a black or brown sofa. These colors hide dirt a bit better than light-colored leather. Austin furniture store Town and Country Leather will help you decide things like whether you want the sofa to blend into the room or stand out. A tan, brown or black sofa will look at home in most rooms, while a stark red, white or other artificially colored couch will not. A word of caution: dramatic sofa colors may look good right now, but might be harder to redecorate around in a few years, if desired. If the room is painted in neutral shades, any color leather will work. If the room is painted in more dramatic shades of red, blue or green, it may be better to stick with a dark brown or black leather sofa.

Austin Furniture Store

At Town and Country Leather we are dedicated to providing quality leather furniture with integrity and innovative design to our customers. Buying furniture is a big decision whether it be for a family or an individual, and we keep that in mind when selecting the furniture that we sell on our showroom floors. When buying furniture, our customers don’t have to worry about the structure or durability of our leather furniture because we only work with the top brands and manufacturers to deliver the very best product to you, which definitely takes stress off the buying process. Our customers only have to look for a comfortable piece of furniture that fits their home decor, space, and style.

Why Choose Us?

All rooms have unique dimensions and individual decorating challenges, which is why we at Town and Country Leather offer such a wide variety of shapes and configurations to choose from. Come see us at one of our 5 Town and Country Leather Furniture locations, and find that piece of leather furniture you have always wanted.

Leather Recliner

Leather Recliner

Our brand name recliners are contoured to fit to any shape. Made with 100% top grain leather upholstery. The bucket seat style and bustle back give exceptionally awesome support and it allows you to recline in any position. When looking for a new leather sofa recliner you are not only seeking something that engulfs you in luxury but is also attractive and durable. A leather sofa recliner that has excellent value, with quality that exceeds even those that are more expensive. Personalizing comfort is more than a pretty story; it is our core belief that resonates through our furniture and ultimately the goal of completing your lifestyle. Get the right information to make intelligent decisions for you and your family before you invest in home furnishings. Read our about us to learn about our standards of enduring quality, timeless design, and lasting value. We can guarantee that when you leave Town and Country Leather with your new furniture, you will be bringing home luxury, comfort, and style that will be enjoyed for a very long time.

Leather Recliner

Do you dream about owning luxurious home furniture comparable to what you’ve seen at upscale retailers? Great! We are an upscale retailer. We see that everyone has their own unique and special style, which is the reason why we cater to individual customer preferences with custom color and leather grade options. We’re constantly coming up with new styles and expanding our inventory to keep up with the latest trends.

Adding a comfortable and stylish leather sofa recliner to your living area is a fantastic way to spruce up your home’s decor. They are well known for being remarkably comfortable. A recliner is the best place to relax after a long day, so it’s important to choose the right one for you. There is a large selection of styles and options to choose from when picking a recliner. Let Town and Country Leather help you find the perfect chair that will keep you happy and relaxed for a long time.